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Practice Areas

My practice areas include: alcohol and drug addiction, relationship conflict, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, co-dependency, PTSD and trauma. I use a client centered approach to create a cohesive client relationship which emphasizes the uniqueness of each client and their individual needs. I prefer an environment with an open and direct dialogue sprinkled with some humor to create a safe, relatable and confidential environment. My goal is to enrich my client’s knowledge and skills to assist in empowering them to strive for happy, healthy lifestyles based on thoughtful life choices.

Addiction Philosphy

Addiction is a complex, chronic disease that is entirely manageable. Recovery is accessible, available and obtainable. I therapeutically collaborate and guide individuals and their family/loved ones through a meaningful recovery process focused on the varied psychological, emotional, social, physiological and spiritual challenges presented with each situation.


Betsy Bennett


Addiction is a Brain Disease

Addiction is a brain disease that creates abnormal behaviors (lying, stealing, and hiding, cheating…). These abnormal behaviors are the result of chemical changes in the neural pathways of the brain from using drugs/alcohol. These chemical changes alter the brain’s reward center so that the individual believes that using alcohol or drugs is more important than even the most basic of survival skills, such as eating or sleeping. Those who care for the using individual often believe that if the person “loved” their family enough, they would stop using. Unfortunately, it is rarely about love and involves a complicated disease process that needs to be understood before it can be successfully addressed.

Emotional Health

Addictions as well as many mental health issues often create anxiety, depression and conflict. Often the underlying issues can be identified from events overwhelming our coping skills (a/k/a trauma). We all respond to stress, crisis and trauma in our own unique way. One person may have severe anxiety and depression and a need to isolate after going through a relationship break up and another person responds with mild insomnia. It is important to understand that whatever the issues, when overwhelmed we often need help to regain our balance.

Art by Ruth Gilmore Langs
Art by Ruth Gilmore Langs

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My goal is to enrich your knowledge and skills to promote your ability to strive for happy, healthy lifestyles based on thoughtful life choices.