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What Can You Expect From Me

I prefer an environment with an open and direct dialogue sprinkled with some humor to create a relationally safe and confidential environment. My goal is to enrich my client’s knowledge and skills to assist in empowering them to strive for happy, healthy lifestyles based on thoughtful life choices.

At our initial session, we would work together to identify and discuss your concerns and your intended results and goals. My focus is to thoughtfully listen to your needs and together we partner to formulate an agreed upon plan of action, such as what is going
​on for you, what might help, what would a positive result look like.

This initial visit is our opportunity to interview each other. It is important that I am a good fit for you. We will be exploring the foundation of a confidential relationship. I am invested in helping identify and unpack relevant issues in order to create reasonable options and opportunities. The essential component is for us to take ownership of our lives and not the lives of another.

What I will expect from you

from me